The swimming pool’s construction began in the late 1980s and spanned over a period of four years. Completely constructed by hand, it involved a team of ambitious landscape architects, skilled gardeners and dedicated workers. The process of construction was a massive and lengthy undertaking due to the swimming pool’s location, nestled right next to the cliff’s edge found at the far-most end of the property’s garden. However, the views of Marina Grande, the Gulf of Naples, and the vertical rocky drop are exactly what make its location so unique and breathtaking. 

The swimming pool is accessed via a stone path that is immersed in the overflowing greenery of the garden. The many pine trees and palms were first planted by English writer Norman Douglas,  whom dedicated his time in shaping the land as a tribute to nature, rather than a clearly man-made scenery. Walking towards the swimming pool is in fact much like walking through a forest, one that opens up only to expose a swimming pool that seemingly drifts a top the rocky island.

It’s true charm can be seen at dusk, when the reddened sun sinks and disappears behind the visible island of Ischia.

Adjacent to the swimming pool is a pool house equipped with a fridge, a large bathroom, a spacious changing room, a shower room and storage room. The swimming pool is hollowed in natural rocks and is surrounded by deck chairs with padded cushions, two large marble tables for dining, and hammocks, hidden at the far end of the pool. 

The pool was completely renovated in 2016 with new state of the art and eco-friendly systems. 






Floor mattrassess

Weekly towel change

Wifi access



Changing room


Lunch tables

Dishes, glasses, cutlery, etc.

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