Built in the seventeen-hundreds, this Villa is one of Capri’s largest private properties. Its feel and aesthetics are the product of the great characters who have inhabited it and enhanced it over the years. In the first half of the 1900s, the villa was home to British author Norman Douglas, whom decided to shape his Capri home into an oasis for the spirit. During his stay, Douglas contributed greatly to the beauty and aura of the estate by planting several hundred oaks, olive trees, olms, cypresses and mediterranean pines. 

Following Douglas came the Scottish writer Sir Compton Mackenzie, whom in turn, after having spent many summers in Capri, sold the villa to an Italian noble family. In the 1960s, the residence, or better, its pinewood, was spotted by the current owners, whom were instantly taken aback by the natural spectacle as they were sailing around the island. In the 1980s, the property was enriched with a stunning swimming pool that rests close to the cliff’s fall, and overlooks both the sea and the gulf of Naples. The property is a 15 minutes walk from the “Piazzetta,” on the way to the famous Villa Jovis.


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